Who doesn’t like dragons, right?

Forgotten.  A dragon’s tale.

From concept to a live-action spectacle.

CREATE and I teamed up for this unique mapping experience. Where as CREATE LIVE was responsible for the hardware installation on site as well as the pyro during the event it was my job to come up with the concept and to produce the entire show. The show had over 835 000 unique visitors over the course of five days and was shared the most on social media, together with To The Rescue during the Lightfestival of Ghent.

Since 1377 there has been a dragon on the tower of the belfry of Ghent. According to the legend, the dragon was the symbolic treasurer of the belfry and it kept an eye on the city for centuries.

With ‘Forgotten’ I teamed up with CREATE to add an imaginary piece to the legend: for fear that the dragon would reveal the secrets of the city, the inhabitants of Ghent locked the monster up in the cellar of the belfry. For centuries, the dragon had been almost forgotten, until today. After nearly 500 years, the dragon has regained its strength, ready to take revenge and to spit fire!


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