Lights on Van Eyck

Immersive digital art experience in St Nicholas’ Church, Ghent.

As an art director and animator for CREATE.EU it was my job was to come up with the concept, story and a big part of the animations.

Lights on Van Eyck lets you discover Van Eyck’s impressive oeuvre in an accessible way. He is known for his techniques to reproduce colour and light very clearly. A marvellous discovery for people in the 15th century who had never seen such a representation of the world. The technology used by Lights on Van Eyck accentuates these bright lights and pure colours even more.

‘Lights on Van Eyck’ is a collaboration between the city of Ghent, Mankind and  This experience is a part of the theme year OMG! Van Eyck was here.




Concept, Creative & art direction, animation

Scene breakdown: