An immersive journey through outer space.

Orbit has been commisioned by Culturespaces for the 1st Immersive art Festival competition which took place in famous digital art Museum Atelier des Lumieres, Paris.

For the festival, 11 top studios around Europe created a 5 minute long art piece.

Our goal was to make the visitor experience a feeling that only a few have ever experienced. Leaving our blue planet and its amazing natures behind whilst witnessing spectacular views in our galaxy. For once not being subjected to the force of gravity and being able to wander around in our galaxy and beyond. This was only possible due to the immense scale in Ateliers Des Lumieres.

Allthough the views are breathtaking we must also feel humble. The further we go the smaller we seem. Comparing ourselves against these giants in the endless vacuum of the universe makes us question our relevance. Eventually the voyage takes us deeper into the unknown. The inner core of a blackhole causes a distorted reality where beginning and end are on the edge of colliding – eventually bringing us to where it all started. Maybe after all we do deserve a second chance.

The backstory is based on the contemporary news that we should take care of our home planet because its inreplaceable. We wanted to inspire and encourge to consider some thought about our future generations.




Concept, Creative & art direction, animation

Scene breakdown: